Rent a Home

A Great Transition Option to Home Ownership

Tired of Apartment living?

Are your neighbors above you rolling bowling balls? Not enough space and no backyard, no garage for your beautiful car.  Or not quite ready to buy, or not sure if buying is right for you? Then leasing a home can be a great option for the transition to homeownership.

5 Tips on Renting a House for the First Time & Getting Landlord Approval

  1. Have all your money ready (first month + 2 months deposit)

  2. Credit is FICO 600-620 or higher

  3. Offer above rent price and 2 year term

  4. Excellent rental history and bank statements to prove it

  5. Pick only 2 – Price or Location or Amenities

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Renting a home is easy as 1, 2, Move...

If you pay $1500 or more for an apartment, you can rent a home.

A great transition option to home ownership.

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Jo and Opal assisted me in purchasing a home and were extremely helpful. Because they explained the ENTIRE process and pretty much held my hand through it all, there were no hidden gotchas and I felt well informed of what I was getting into. They made the steps so very easy for me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Client 2

They work very hard to get me where I wanted to be and they have a good positive attitude I'll recommend them to everyone who will need a realtor in the future thanks guys 😊

Client 3

Jo and Opal helped me buy and sell my first home, and helped find homes for friends too. I recently reached out to them again to help me find my next home. Their level of service and commitment is proven and trusted. They’re like extended family now!

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